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Sri Ganesha Sahasranamam


A Book in Tamil to read and rejoice the 1000 glorious  names of the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh, and seek his grace!

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Ganapati Sahasranamam is a sacred Hindu text consisting of 1000 names (sahasranamam) that glorify Lord Ganesh, along with the phalashruti (benefits of chanting his names). Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles, is believed to be the divine child of Shiva and Parvati. The Ganapati Sahasranamam was composed by a great Vedic scholar named Bhaskara raya, in the 18th century. Bhaskara raya had an encyclopaedic knowledge in Srividya and Shakta Tantra. Thanks to his vast knowledge and wisdom, he was able to articulate and amalgamate these 1000 names of Lord Ganapati beautifully.

The daily chanting of these thousand and eight names is considered a profound form of worship and devotion to Lord Ganesh. Each name in the Ganapati Sahasranamam describes a unique virtue, quality, or aspect of the deity’s divinity. The significance of chanting or reciting the Ganapati Sahasranamam lies in its ability to purify the mind, foster a deep spiritual connection, and lead to the attainment of HIS blessings.  Some of the benefits of reciting the Sahasranamam include peace, spiritual progress, protection, cleansing of Karma, mental strength, removal of obstacles, good health and finally Moksha or Mukti.

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