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Vinayaka Puranam


A sacred hindu text in praise of Lord Vinayaka known as the "Vinayaka Puranam". This is the tamil edition.

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Sri Vinayaka puranam is an important among the upa puranas authored by Sri Vyasa Bhagawan. Explore the depths of Hindu culture with the "Vinayaka Puranam" book in Tamil. This Indian prayer book delves into the legend of Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka, a prominent deity in Hinduism. Written in Tamil and rooted in Sanskrit traditions, the book narrates the stories surrounding Ganesha's origin, his significance in Hindu culture, and some of his notable stories as depicted by the ancient sage Sri Vyasa. Immerse yourself in this insightful Tamil rendition of the Vinayaka Puranam, gaining a deeper understanding of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of India. Perfect for those interested in Vedic literature and Hindu teachings.

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