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Yajurveda(Apastamba) Amavasya Tarpanam


A book in Tamil to provide accurate complete details of amavasya tarpana vidhi (procedure) for smarthas from Yajurveda Aapastamba Sutra

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Amavasya Tarpanam is a ritual observed by Smarthas (Followers of both Vaishnava and Shaiva traditions) + Vaishnavites (followers of the Sri Vaishnava tradition) . This ritual is performed on the day of Amavasya, which is the new moon day in the lunar calendar. Amavasya Tarpanam holds significance for paying respects to one's ancestors (pitru), starting from their own parents up to 3 generations. The procedure for Yajurveda Amavasya Tarpanam (for Smarthas) is different to Sri Vaishnavas but has the same intent/goal  i.e. to seek their blessings, and paying respects to departed souls. 

The Amavasya Tarpanam includes chanting prayers for the departed and appeasing their souls offering water , taking their names in the correct sequence and simultaneously offering libations with black sesame seeds (tarpanam) to quench their thirst. The ritual is protected from evil forces, through the use of dried darbha/grass. It is believed that by performing this ritual, individuals get blessings from their departed parents and / ancestors whilst also help them find peace and progress in their spiritual journey beyond our time and space of the Earth.

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