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Copper Sudarshana Yantra 4" x 4"


This is a 2 dimensional geometric design invoking the powerful blessings of Sri Sudarshana mainly for warding off enemies and evil spirits

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The Sudarshana Chakra Yantra is a sacred geometrical design representing the divine discus (weapon) of Lord Vishnu, known as Sudarshana Chakra. This yantra is revered in Hinduism for its protective and purifying energies. It is actually the kundalini shakti of Maha Vishnu. Devotees believe that meditating upon or worshiping the Sudarshana Chakra Yantra can dispel negative forces, ensure victory over adversaries, and bring about spiritual clarity. The intricate patterns within the yantra symbolise the cosmic order and the omnipotent nature of Lord Vishnu. As a powerful spiritual tool, it is employed in rituals to seek divine intervention, promote righteousness, and invoke the cosmic energy embodied in the Sudarshana Chakra.

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