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Meenakshi Kumkum Dark Red 500 Gms


Pure, dark red/maroon powder form, 500 gms pack, also called Sindoor /Vermillion or Kungumam powder, a spiritual sign applied on the forehead by Hindu ladies to invoke the protection of Devi/Mahalakshmi.

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The kumkum powder or vermillion is made from natural ingredients and the finest turmeric. This divine Kumkum powder has a distinct aroma that can only be found in the combination of handpicked turmeric and natural extract of thazhampoo (Screw Pine Flower). Many temples and Pooja halls have this kumkum as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi's grace and prosperity. They use it for worshipping all Goddesses in Hindu rituals and poojas in the form of an archana. Hindu sastras recommend applying Kumkum for health and protection from negative energies. A woman's soul energy (Atmashakti) is awakened when she applies kumkum. It also protects the pineal gland or agnya chakra - the spot on the forehead between the eyebrows and the overall astral sphere of the body. When kumkum is applied, the point on the mid-brow region is pressed, which activates the energy point. -Applying Kumkum opens the channel of intuition and preserves energy. It also helps in improving concentration, improving blood supply to the facial muscles. Buy the 500 gms pack of pure maroon/dark red Meenakshi brand Kumkum powder from GiriUK
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