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Special Javadhu Cow Dung Bhasma Vibhuti 250Gms


A scented, sacred ash powder freshly made with combusted cow dung and herbs. Applied in the forehead by devotees of Shiva (men) as three horizontal lines (Tripundram)

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Vibuthi or Bhasma (Holy Ash) has several meanings in Hinduism. Usually used to denote the sacred ash made of slowly combusted cow dung and several herbs that give its calming fragrance. 

Features & Benefits: 

There is a symbolic significance to applying it to the body as a "Tripundram" (3 horizontal lines). It denotes the endeavour to balance the 3 Gunas -  Rajas, Tamas and Sattva gunas in humans. It is also a constant reminder of the mortal nature of life. Vibhuti is applied on the forehead, arms, neck and chest (upper body). Scientifically speaking the Vibhooti offers protection to the "pineal gland" which in turn guards the astral sphere of the human body

Vibhuti has immence healing properties that help relieve various illnesses. Our ancestors practiced applying vibuthi on a daily basis, it also prevents them from falling sick. Vibhuti is charged with positive energy . It should always be taken on the left hand, mixed with a few drops of water and applied to the forehead and other parts (with the right hand) as three horizontal lines. Girls/Ladies/Women can also apply Vibhooti as a single line but just above their bindis, but as close to between the eyebrows (pineal gland) 

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