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Sri Krishna Sahasranama Stotram Namavali


A Book  in Sanskrit, this Sahasranama with Namavali when chanted daily, wipes out one's sins and cleanses their body to prepare them for a higher state of consciousness 

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The "Sri Krishna Sahasranama Stotramala" is a collection over 1000 divine names of Lord Krishna . These names encode the multi-dimensional nature and divine qualities of Sri Krishna. The "Stotramala" refers to a garland of hymns and are in addition to the Sahasranamam. In the Sanskrit verses of the Stotramala, each name praises different aspects of Lord Krishna's supreme persona, his divine deeds, and attributes. The use of these names in devotional recitation and meditation repeatedly, is believed to to completely transform an individual. The "Namavali" is the portion of the Stotramala that lists and recites these thousand names of Lord Krishna. Devotees of Lord Krishna engage in the recitation of the Sri Krishna Sahasranama Stotramala Namavalli to Invoke HIS Blessings, Know him, develop a deep sense of love and devotion, attain a beautiful aura of inner peace, connect with the paramatma, make spiritual progress and attain moksha ultimately. Buy the Sri Krishna Sahasranama Stotramala Namavali in Sanskrit from GiriUK
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