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Sudarshana Yantram


4"x4", made in a copper plate, Lord Vishnu's most powerful weapon with an accurate geometric inscription of the Yantra. To be placed in your Puja to ward off evil spirits and enemies and protect your home.

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Every Yantra is a 2-dimensional embodiment of the deity itself. It is a precise geometric shape that is available for every primary Devata and Devi. The Sudarshana Chakra Yantra is Lord Vishnu's weapon embodied in a unique geometric shape. When kept in your puja and worshipped with Japa (passed down by an able Guru) the yantra is believed to become more and more powerful, offering protection, strength, and blessings to any devotee worshipping it and her/his family and friends. The yantra is meticulously crafted with precise geometry and specific mantras, enhancing its potency. The best way to worship the yantra is thazhampoo kumkum or red flowers, but one needs to remove the kumkum in another container to offer fresh archana to Sri Sudarshana Yantra. Buy the 4"x4" Sri Sudarshana Yantra in Copper from GiriUK
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