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Pitru Poojai - Apastamba Shraddha Prayogam

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Author : Anna
Language : Tamil
Publisher : GIRI

● “Pitru Poojai - Apastamba Shraddha Prayogam” is a Tamil book that provides instructions and guidance for performing the Pitru Paksha rituals, also known as the Shraddha ceremonies, according to the Apastamba Sutra.
● The Apastamba Sutra is a text that belongs to the Shrauta tradition of Hinduism and provides detailed instructions for performing Vedic rituals and ceremonies.
● The book “Pitru Poojai - Apastamba Shraddha Prayogam” focuses specifically on the Shraddha ceremonies, which are performed to honor and offer gratitude to one’s ancestors and departed loved ones.
● The book provides a step-by-step guide for performing the Shraddha ceremonies, including the necessary preparations, rituals, and mantras.
● It also explains the significance and benefits of performing these ceremonies, as well as the proper conduct and etiquette to be observed during the rituals.
● “Pitru Poojai - Apastamba Shraddha Prayogam” is a valuable resource for those interested in performing the Shraddha ceremonies according to the Apastamba Sutra and seeking to honor and remember their ancestors in a meaningful and spiritual way.F

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Author Anna
Publisher GIRI
ISBN 9788179500965
GNST 9788179500965
Binding Soft Bound
Pages 77
Language Tamil
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