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Yajnyopavita-Srivaishnava 4 Pcs Set (Pack Of 4)


A multipack of 4 pieces of poonal in a set x 4 sets to change during Yajurveda Upakarma and other auspicious occasions all year round or when the sacred thread snaps.

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Avani Avittam, also known as Upakarma, is a significant Hindu ritual celebrated annually during the Tamil month of Avani. This auspicious occasion marks seeking atonement of sins committed knowingly or unknowingly because of desires, not performing daily rituals (sandhyavandanam) 3 times a day in the bygone year or practicing chanting the Vedas (adhyayana), making a new resolve to self-improvement and discipline. It is, therefore, the renewal of the Sacred Thread (Poonal) worn by Brahmin men, teens, and young boys who have had their upanayanam ceremony. This ritual symbolises a fresh commitment to their studies and spiritual pursuits. Avani Avittam involves elaborate ceremonies and prayers, wherein participants recite Vedic hymns and offer oblations to deities.  The ritual's essence lies in its ability to connect individuals with their heritage, spirituality, and scholarly pursuits, fostering a sense of continuity and growth along the sacred path of spiritual knowledge and progress. Buy the Multipack Poonal/sacred thread of 4 pcs per set x 4 sets for Sri Vaishnavas who are from the Yajurveda branch. This serves the purpose of the avani avittam event (when performed in a group) and also for future occasions.
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